Video Surveillance

We take great pride in our experience, training, and happy commercial and residential clients.  We obtained these three assets through the history of our sister company, TekSolutions.  Therefore, we only install products of good quality and that clients have been very happy with the results.  We have implemented systems for almost every demand imaginable: a single covert camera operating on solar power, a family home, over one million square feet warehouses with a hundred cameras, to multi-building shopping districts with complex needs.

Every situation is different and has different criteria.  We don’t just slam in a pre-boxed system off the shelf.


For more detailed information, please view:  (TekSolutions, Inc. Video Surveillance Page)


Here are some of the initial questions to ask yourself when designing a system:

  • What am I protecting?
  • How many cameras do I need?
  • How much light do I have?
  • How long do I want to store the recorded video?
  • Do I want to be able to view video from my smart phone or off-site computer?
  • Can cable be ran to each camera location or do I need wireless cameras or transmitters?
  • Does my recorded video need to be “court admissible”?
  • Do I need to back up my recorded video?
  • Do I need to be able to change the view or zoom my cameras?
  • How much detail do I need to see?

With those basic questions answered, we can begin to design a custom system to meet your wants, needs, or legal requirements.