Mobile Access

From any Smart Phone, iPad, or any internet connection you can control your security system, home automation, or surveillance system.


“I frequently have to work late, so I have a neighbor let my dog out in the evening. With my iPhone App. I disarm my security system to let them in, arm it when they leave, then turn a light on after dark.”

Most Americans spend the majority of time away from their home, while some of their most valuable possessions or pets are always home.  A busy schedule sometimes causes you to forget to arm your security system, turn off the stove, change the heating or cooling settings, or leave a light on.



• Arm & Disarm your system. • HVAC Control        • Light control • Event Reporting

Most of the systems we sell have the ability to control many basic features of your home.  With any internet connection, or smart phone, you can control these features as if you were at home.

A security system provides the peace of mind of knowing that your home is being monitored 24/7.  When you are away from home, and just can’t remember if you armed the system or if your child who left after you did or not, you can always arm it from your phone or computer to be sure.


“I love the reporting features of my alarm system! I like knowing when my kids get home after school… or if they sneak out late at night, hahaha!”