Home Security Systems

Local Crime Statistics

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Lynx 7000

Lynx 7000

Lynx 7000 With Video


Smoke/Heat Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector



Working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying, by half, during home structure fires.

A monitored smoke detector alerts the monitoring station 24/7, whether you are home or away.

Carbon Monoxide

In 2005: 61,000 Carbon Monoxide incidents were verified.  89% were in a residence.

If you are unconscious or unable to react to symptoms, upon detection, our system will send a signal to the monitoring center.

Water Damage

37% of all homeowners reported they have experienced loss due to water damage.

Recent improvements in drinking water quality contribute to accelerated corrosion and failure of copper pipes.

Panic Situations

You never know what kind of situation will arise: intruders, wild animals, earthquakes, medical emergencies, and the list goes on.  More importantly, you don’t know where in your home you will be when one of these situations surprises you.  Adding a few well-placed panic buttons can save lives and valuable seconds.  Common places are: next to the bed, in the basement, or in an upstairs closet.

Medical Emergencies

Medical situations can arise at any second and are generally unpredictable.




The best advantage of a dog is that they will wake you up to suspicious noises inside and outside of your home.  ALTHOUGH… What does your dog love most?

People food!  Most dogs will stop barking when presented with a handful of food.  Suddenly, the burglar(or burger) is your dog’s best friend!  A security system isn’t only about break-ins.  A well-designed security system becomes an essential part of your family’s well-being.