CO Detector Saves Family

Posted on Dec 28, 2011 in Fire and carbon monoxide | 13,193 comments

Having a monoxide detector in you home is important… actually, it is ESSENTIAL!

Check out this article and video from Fox 2 in St. Louis. Last Christmas the family gave CO detectors as gifts. This year, the one they kept for themselves saved all of their lives!

Carbon monoxide detectors purchased in stores are good, but having one monitored by your security company is even better.

  • Your monitoring company will be alerted when the detector goes off.  They will try to reach you and/or dispatch first responders to make sure you are able to get out.
  • Your pets are also at risk from carbon monoxide.  When you are not home, your pets can not leave the house when the alarm goes off.  Your monitoring company will get ahold of you, or someone on your call list, who will be able to help save your family’s pets.
  • If you choose, your monitoring company will tell you when your battery is low or if it is not communicating.

At a minimum, you should have a carbon monoxide detector in each bedroom.  Yes, you should have one near your gas furnace, but that furnace also pumps that poisonous air throughout your home and it gets trapped in closed-door bedrooms.

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Here is a story with a good ending, that easily could of had a very bad ending: Like the mother said in the article, every home should have carbon monoxide detectors!  She felt “stupid” for not having one before.

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