About Us

Metro Security Watch, LLC is committed to protecting you and your loved ones with the best http://drnowmd.com/ products and customer service possible in the Kansas City metro area’s electronic security industry.  Whether it’s an emergency or simply a question about your system, your home security professional is here to provide help, protection and peace of mind.



Founded in 1989, TekSolutions, Inc. has grown to become a multifaceted physical security and information technology company.  The primary focus of TekSolutions during the early 1990s was computers and computer networks.  In 1995, TekSolutions opened its physical security division.  Building on past IT knowledge and implementation, TekSolutions has grown to be a leader in the physical security marketplace in the midwest.  TekSolutions gained a reputation in the industry for innovative design and cutting edge network installations.  Focusing primarily on commercial security, TekSolutions provides security solutions to some of the largest and most secure industries in the midwest.


In 2009, TekSolutions decided to take their 22 years of physical security experience and also offer it to the residential market, thus creating Metro Security Watch, LLC.  It has been a natural addition, because some of the same theories and hardware that are used in businesses are are also used in residential homes.  Having both companies under one roof has also provided many benefits to the clients.  Today, both companies work side by side, sharing resources, knowledge, and staff.